Cyprus has ever been at the centre of intense cultural and social interactions; this aspect led the Cypriot ancient communities to a dual attitude: the continuity in preserving original cultural forms and social identities and the transition to new practices and ideas, accepting external input.

Shaping this dichotomy is the purpose of PoCA 2015 meeting. Therefore, we welcome all papers regarding archaeology as well as studies of a wider chronological, contextual and multidisciplinary approach to Cypriot cultures on the island and beyond.

Please send, no later than 31st July 2015, abstracts of no more than 250 words and a title, together with your Registration Form to:


Papers should last for 20 minutes, and they will be followed by discussion. The official language of the meeting is English.


Registration and opening of the meeting will take place on Wednesday evening (November 25th). There is no registration fee, however delegates would need to make their own travel plans and arrange their own accommodation. The meeting is open to everybody, and we invite all interested people to attend it.


We intend to publish the papers presented at the meeting. All submissions will be subject to peer review although acceptance for presentation does not guarantee inclusion in the final publication. Further information about the publication will be given during the meeting.


For further information:

Scientific board

Luca Bombardieri (Università di Torino), Giampaolo Graziadio (Università di Pisa), Silvia Ferrara (La Sapienza Università di Roma), Paolo De Vingo (Università di Torino).


Organizing commitee

Marialucia Amadio (University of Reading), Francesca Dolcetti (University of York), Caterina Scirè Calabrisotto (Univeristà Ca’ Foscari di Venezia), Giulia Muti (Università di Torino) , Martina Fissore (Università di Torino), Alessandra Saggio (Università di Torino).